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At FACXION, we dropped the 'e' from 'A La Cart" because the products can be added to your shopping cart and in true "A La Carte" form, can order any report or service individually!
Along with our 'Packaged ProduCX' offerings, we also allow each of our reporting + CX services to be individual projects to order also. Why not just push packaged offers? Because many clients like to start with an 'A La Cart' option, and while we know our packaged offerings are a better value and deliver higher impact results that correlate directly to an increased bottom line, we also support and agree with clients to start with a personalized report or independent CX service. Find out why below or if you know what report or service you would like to turn into a live project, then choose from the menu below and in FACXION's "A La Cart" option, individually add it to your shopping cart and we will project launch immediately!

||   Why We Support Starting Small?   ||      

FACXION's Packaged CX ProduCX deliver a high level, strategic CX plan designed to meet and exceed your specific CX goal(s), however this improvement might still be around the corner for you and your company. We totally understand and support the decision to start small if your organization isn't quite ready to make that turn around the corner just yet. It is the classic motto of dipping your toes in the water to test the temperature rather than dive head first. As we stated, FACXION always supports this process as we know it determines a strong client chemistry or lack thereof which we are yet to encounter and proud of our ability as a company to deliver high value and deliver it in a way that typically creates a long term partnership where you feel like FACXION is a department/extension within your own company and work together with an honest, comfortable, and transparent work environment that delivers revenue growth!

||    Business Partnership Matchmaking   ||

Ever tried speed dating? "A La Cart" projects are basically business speed dating! Tackling a small project first is a great way to get acquainted with each other, directly show our level of work and allows the client to determine if the company would like to venture into a larger, more complicated, 10X ROI project together. We very much want you to be absolutely sure FACXION is who you want to partner with in the future. We are confident in our ability and want you to be just as confident moving into a strategically planned project that is truly an investment in your business with great returns!
Check the Menu Out Below To Review and Choose A Starting CX Project Today!