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| Ben P. Wilson | Director of Experience Services & Founding Partner

The Questions: What am I meant to do professionally? Where am I suppose to leave a mark? It took forty (40) years! Eighteen (18) years in a professional atmosphere that his focus on self-awareness finally produced a result to these questions. Learn more...

It all came down to the customer. Ben never felt extraordinary at sales, but always excelled in consultative sales positions because of strategy and planning necessary to make sure your customers were making the correct decision. Once your client trusts you, because you are sincere, empathetic, and know your customer, the retention process will take care of itself. Ben has a diverse industry background having worked in IT to managing a 300+ employee store chain. Since graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2002 with a degree in Information Science, Ben has worked in a vast array of positions and industries, which he will tell you is priceless experience now that he can combine the industries/positions as a whole to produce a high qualified customer experience developer & consultant, entrepreneur, & clustomer centric philosophy across multiple industries. Ben can be reached by sending a quick message on our Contact Form.

Anajuwon_Spencer_Young_Prefessional_Driven_Motivated_Great_Communicator_Excited_To_Learn_Natural_Sales_Personality_30UNDER30_NOMINATION IS COMING SOON!

| Anajuwon Spencer | Director of Business Development & Partner

When Ben, our Founder, knew finding a Partner was imperative to Facxion success. He launched a search targeting someone with incredible drive, good communication skills, strong sense of empathy, and motivated to work and learn! That person was obvious to Ben after one phone call...and that is where Anajuwon set himself apart! Read More...

Anajuwon (Jay) Spencer Jay earned a BA in Business Economics from Wheaton College. Throughout his life, he has been immersed in many different environments growing up in Chicago, shaping his interpersonal and inclusive approach to many different situations. Through his early career Anajuwon has worked as a Marketing/Sales Specialist, Department Assistant for Customer Service, and as a Site Manager. These experiences have developed a specialization in communication and problem solving. A huge fan of basketball and other sports, Jay has a competitive and determined attitude. That attitude he brings into the office, competing against himself day in and day out to improve on his past performance. A young professional, Jay has a lot of career left in front of him and many goals laid ahead. But right now, his focus is on bringing the best experience to everyone he connects with. Interested in doing business with FACXION? Send a Anajuwon a message on our Contact Form.

Greg_E_ Promo_Products_Buyer_Program_Creation_Creative_Personality_Interacxions_Program_Contract Work

| Greg Ernzer | Director of Products & Interacxions Program

Greg is a unique, brilliant, and creatively quirky product expert. From design to procurement to logistics, to getting it on a shelf or directly in the customers hands! Greg is the demiurge of our product universe!

Greg helps FACXION identify unique, trendy, and value add products that help set FACXION clients apart from their competitors with their reward or loyalty programs. Greg has worked with multiple products manufacturers both in the United States and overseas in procuring from China and other large manufacturing hubs around the world. Greg is a phenomenal communicator and brings many years of sales and purchasing experience into the FACXION product world. If you want a ninja level promotion products program for your customers. Contact FACXION and we will put Greg to work for you! Interested in learning about our customer promo programs