How CX Defines FACXION.

def. FACXION (n) - a group of customer experience professionals and CX clients forming a cohesive, diverse, inclusive, and disruptive thinkers that create a specialized wolf pack passionate about innovating and implementing new CX methods and ideas that add tremendous value to the client. This includes but is not limited to lowering customer acquisition costs, improving customer engagement, recruiting ecxeptional (yes we know it is spelled wrong...thank you though!) talent and increasing customer retention that together produces lower overhead and increased revenue / streamlined operation.


INTERACXIONS Rewards Programs


(def.) INTERAᶜxION (n.) - 1. the initiative taken by a top CX consulting & services firm that enters a project and doesn't stop until the work is complete. | 2. The process of engaging the customer with unique rewards that are memorable and keeps the company top of mind. *Note: Often times the two definitions are working at the same time on a project which produces exponential growth results, increased customer retention, decreased customer acquisition, and revenue growth the client believed was unachievable.

INTERAᶜxIONS is a stand alone or integrated rewards technology and promotions program designed to take the tedious tasks involved with reward and loyalty programs, for instance customer reward questions as to why they didn't get a reward, rewards mailing (snail or e-mail), packaging physical rewards, etc. etc. etc.!

With subscriptions starting at $199/month and for clients looking for the ability to customize their loyalty / rewards software and metrics, physical or e-rewards, customer chat, any many more available features! Click the button below to learn more or sign up today!

INTERACXIONS Rewards/Loyalty Programs

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